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Ahmedabad (Karnavati) (Jul-Aug 1998)

Ahmedabad (Karnavati) : (July 2000)

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KHAMBAT (Guj): (July 2000)
BHAVNAGAR (Guj) : (July 2000)
ADIPUR (Guj) : (Oct 2000)
GANDHIDHAM (Guj) : (Oct 2000)
DAHOD (Guj): (Oct 2000) (Nov 7, 2011)

Published (1) N E W S L E T T E R of BHARATIYA SINDHU SABHA (Sindhi) Mar-2001 (2) partly in “Sindhi International”, April 2001

Tour OF Earthquake affected areas of Kutch in February 2001
(Mohan G. Rohira)

After learning about the great natural calamity of the earthquake in Gujarat, particularly Kutch (on 26/1/2001) ,I along with 7 prominent persons in a group had gone there on behalf of Bandra Hindu Association, International Sindhi Forum, Mataji Rampyari Darbar and Sindhi Social Samaj, Khar (Mumbai), for the purpose of surveying the situation and distribution of relief materials. The report in a nutshell is as under :

The exact casualty figures cannot be ascertained as some have been buried alive under the debris and those who were saved or injured have left the broken houses and migrated to their relatives / Friends. Hence wherever possible approximate figures are given. The tragedy is beyond description.

Twin cities of Adipur and Gandhidham :- These cities have also suffered in the earthquake but there was no information on the newsmedia or T.V. for 1st 4/5 days and no help came from Govt, for these days as if these cities are not on Indian map! These cities which were founded by Bhai Pratap for Sindhi refugees after partition of the country half a Century back, have again been uprooted as if second partition has taken place for the inhabitants. Over 1200 people have died, more than that injured, great number of buildings have collapsed partly or fully & thousands have become homeless in these cities. However the number of casualties and properties destroyed is more in Gandhidham as compared to Adipur. In the hostel of Tolani Foundation, 35 students and Teachers have died on the spot during Republic Day celebrations. We met important personalities like Shri Lakhmi Khilani & Pritam Variani (Sindhology), Mrs. Nirmala Gajwani (Chair person S.R.C.), Mrs. Vishni Israni (Ex-President Gandhidham Municipality) & Shri Hari Atmaram (Gen. Secretary, Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha & Sindhu Varsha Foundation) with whose help the material brought by us could be distributed.

BHUJ TALUKA :- Here total 170 villages are affected. In all 35000 families are affected in Taluka & 25000 families in city area. Old city is worst affected whereas new areas of city are partly saved including Jhulelal Society. RSS/ VHP have opened relief centres in 71 villages in BHUJ Taluka & 34 centres in the city. They also started relief centres at Bachau, Rapar, Anjaar, etc. They feed 12000 persons daily with 400 volunteers irrespective of community, creed, colour or religion.

ANJAAR :- Here the number of casualties is 4000 and that of injured is 2000 in the total population of 1,00,000. Nearly 3000 houses have collapsed fully and 9000 partly. RSS/VHP feed 2500 persons daily. They have employed 100 doctors for medical help.

BHACHAU :- This is the worst affected Area. The city looks like a dead one, like Mohenjo Daro of Sindh. RSS/VHP Volunteers are feeding 5,000 persons daily. They have employed 58 skilled doctors. In Rapar alone almost 90% people and in Dudhai 6000 people have died and all 1200 houses collapsed. In Morbi, 50 houses of Sindhis have been destroyed. Other affected areas are Surendar Nagar, Vankaner, Mandvi, etc.

Likewise faraway places like Surat, Maninagar, and Ahmedabad, etc. are not spared by nature, In Maninagar, Ahmedabad, 18 buildings have collapsed & 25 sindhis died. In proper Ahmedabad 50 sindhis have died and so many of them have become homeless.

The Non -Govt, organisations have been doing marvelous yeoman services without distinction of caste, creed, colour or religion as compared to the Govt. help. These organisations are as under :

R.S.S. , V.H.P., Ramakrishna Mission, Sai Samiti of Satya Saibaba, Yog Vedant Seva Samiti of Sant Sri. Asharamji, Premprakash Ashram of Swami Teooramji, Chinmaya Mission, Red Cross, Vishwa Jagruty Mission of Acharya Sudhanshuji Maharaj, Sindhu Varsha Foundation, Bharitya Sindhu Sabha, Brahmakumaris, Kutch Yuvak Sangh, Swaminarayan Mandir, Arya Samaj, various Sindhi organisations from Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Moreover Sadhu Vaswani Mission in collaboration with Divine Life Society Hospital (Adipur) have opened a temporary Hospital in Garden Restaurant at Adipur (Gandhidham). Some foreigners from Denmark and other places with ultramodern medical equipment for operations have opened temporary Hospitals in tents on Radhaswamy plot in Gandhdham. Hinduja Foundation has announced a donation of Rs. 5 Crores for relief and rehabilitation of affected areas. Likewise Sikhs, Godriwala Sant of Jalgaon, Sai Hirdaram of Bairagadh (Bhopal) etc. are helping a lot.

V.H.P. / R.S.S have arranged 20000 part time and 3000 full time workers in whole of Gujrat affected areas for relief and rehabilitation. They have distributed 950 trucks of relief materials among the people such as 103,000 Kambals, 31000 big tents, 81500 Big Cartons of medicines, 10215 meters tarpolin, 80400 litres of milk, 3 lakh litres of water bottles and pouches, 46000 Kg. of Rice,  32000 Kgs of Dal, 37455 Kgs. Wheat flour, etc. They have opened 9 centres (4 in Bhuj,2 in Ahmedabad and one each in Bhachau, Anjar and Surendranagar). In all 23325 persons have been treated in their hospitals. They have started 9 centres of “Bhojanalayas” where 10000 persons are fed in each centre. They have also started new schemes for rehabilitation of the masses such as "Vatsalaya Mandirs" (where free books and stationery is supplied to students), Parivar Datak (adoption of a family) and Gram Datak (adoption of a village). These figures are collected upto 6-2-01. Further activities are in progress. Likewise, other above stated organizations are working with their own programme and in collaboration with one and other.

The following materials are needed urgently :- Utensils, Cement, readymade clothes, Food grains, such as wheat, flour, rice, moong dal, sugar, tea, salt etc., Blankets, medicines, tents, batteries, etc. The houses with small cracks are to be repaired. Other houses which are not safe are to be removed and new ones (small houses) to be constructed at their place with 50% Govt. loan interest free for a period of 6 years.

Life is like a bubble and it is struggle for survival. Nothing is certain in this ever changing world except the law of change. It is therefore everyone's duty to help these affected persons in all respects so that they can start a new life and stand on their own legs. More help is needed particularly in Adipur & Gandhidhan where sufficient help has not reached so far as compared to other affected areas. We appeal to NRI & Other philanthrophist Sindhis to come forward and adopt these cities / Villages on the lines as some of the other affected villages have been adopted by others. Let us remain as good human beings and pray to Almighty God to keep all human beings safe and happy.

Tour report of Sindhis of Gujarat during April 2009
(Mohan G. Rohira, Advocate)

Published in (1) “Sujag Sindhi” (Dev) dt. Jun-1-2009 (2) “Hindu” (Sindhi) June-2 and 4-2009

SIHOR (April 22, 2009):
This tiny town is situated on Western Rly at a distance of 30 Kilometers from Bhavnagar. Its total population is only 70,000 including 100 Sindhi families. The President & Secretary of Sindhi Samaj, Sihor, respectively are Shri Gordhandas Mewalamal Chawla and Shri Hareshbhai Narumal Chimnani. They have built Sri Guru Nanak Sindhi Gurudwara in Sindhi Colony where they often meet together on social, religious, happy and unhappy occasions. They are normally in different businesses. Here the specialty of Sindhis is that they speak only in Sindhi only at home and among themselves. Of course some Gujarati words have made inroads in Sindhi Language due to the overall atmosphere of Gujarati language. They celebrate the annual festivals of Guru Nanak  Jayanti & Chetichand on a grand scale e.g. by arranging "Akhand Path Sahib” for 3 days, keeping their shops closed throughout the day, eating food together twice a day & arranging procession in the town. Not only that, but they also arrange "Prabhat Pheri" for 15 days in Guru Nanak  Jayanti. They also celebrate other annual festivals with much fun & fair. They are strongly united. If any Sindhi is ill-treated by any local person or if there is death of a Sindhi in the town, all the Sindhi shops remain closed on that day. Thus they serve a good and inspiring example for the Sindhis of other cities. However it is shocking to state here that I could not find even a Single Sindhi person there who could read & write in Sindhi Language or take free Sindhi Literature from me as all their correspondence is in Gujarati language. They appreciated this & assured me to implement shortly my suggestion of keeping Laminated Murtis of Sai Jhulelal at their shops/ homes for keeping their identity in tact (on the lines of Bangalore Sindhi Samaj). 17 important Sindhis attended the meeting for 2 hours on 22-04-09 and their Tel. Nos were noted. The places worth seeing in the town are Sri Gotameshwar Mahadev mandir & Sri Navnath Mandir.
PALITANA (April 23, 2009)
This tiny town is 65 km away from Bhavnagar. Its total population is 80,000 including 500 Sindhi families. The town has 6 Sindhi Panchayats showing the names of towns in Sindh from which they or their parents   had   originally come during partition of the country, such as 1) Shikarpuri Sindhi Panchayat (President, Ghanshyambhai Gambhani), 2) Kandhra Sindhi Panchayat (President, Udhomal Kukreja), 3) Riyasat Sindhi Panchayat (President, Maheshbhai Badlani) 4) Pirgothai Sindhi Panchayat (President, Rameshbhai Kanjani, 5) Khanpur Sindhi Panchayat (President, Panjumal Mandani), 6) Ghotki Sindhi Panchayat (President, Shambhoobhai Talreja). Moreover they have one Sindhi General Panchayat named "Palitana Sindhi Samaj" whose Secretary is Shri Sudhamabhai Manjhar & President is Shri Ashokbhai Prabhumal Nainani. He is also President, of Bhavnagar Distt. Sindhi Panchayat. All the aforesaid persons of all Sindhi Panchayats were present (total 24) in the meeting dt. 23-04-2009 for 2 hours which was called by them on my request with a short notice, which shows their sincerity and devotion for the Community.

The Sindhis of this town have built 3 centres namely 1) Jyoti Swaroop Sindhi Dharamshala, 2) Riyasat Sindhi Hall and 3) Sant Kanwar Ram Hall. These places are mainly meant for their meetings for social, religious, happy & unhappy occasions. The town has 7 Sindhi Temples which include 3 Sri Guru Nanak Gurudwaras, 3 Jhulelal Mandirs and 1 Ganapati Mandir. All the Sindhis here speak in Sindhi only at home & among themselves. It is gratifying to note that they have one Hemu Kalani Sindhi High School wherein Sindhi (Devnagiri Script) is taught as one of the subjects. Practically all are in different businesses. They celebrate annual festivals such as Guru Nanak  Jayanti & Chaliha Sahib with "Langar Prasadi" (Preeti bhojan) on a grand scale.  Moreover on auspicious occasion of Chetichand they take out procession with "Behrana Saheb" on a large scale and serve "Prasad" to all passers-by including local persons and all sindhis of the town take "Priti Bhojan" (preeti bhojan) together, so much so that they don't light fire in their own kitchen on that day. They are united and meet among themselves on marriage and death occasions. They do much social work through their panchayats such as giving financial help to 15 Sindhi poor families, giving prizes to merits students, celebrating Sindhi week during Shravan month wherein they arrange competition among Sindhi students, arrange medical camps etc. They have good relations with local people. The town has many world famous Jain temples worth seeing named Shrutunjay Giriraj temples (on a hill nearby) & Hastagiri temples and a Shrutunjay Dam.

Tour report of  Sindhis staying in 8 cities of Gujarat
( 08-11-2011 to 15-11-2011)

Published in (1) “Akhand Sindhu Sansar” (Dev) (partly) (monthly), Jan and Feb 2012 (2) “Samvad Sindhi”, Aug 1-15, 2012 (3) “Hindu” (Sindhi) (daily) dt. Dec 9-10-11-21-27-28, 2011 and Jan 6, 2012

Recently I got the nice opportunity to meet important Sindhis living in 8 cities/towns of Gujarat. They were good enough to arrange long meetings of Sindhis at a short notice on my request, for promoting our ancient culture, language and Sanskriti as well as for getting legitimate political and other rights  from the Central Govt. & for boosting the morale of the Community. Moreover, Sindhi , National and Spiritual literature was distributed. There was  good  enthusiasm, a great  love and affection and a red carpet treatment was extended to me everywhere too much to be described here. It is rare in big cities like Mumbai. Moreover it surpasses the discomforts of travelling long sojourns in Rly. Sleeper class (even sometimes w/o reservation) & getting irregular outside  food. The readers can themselves verify by taking such sojourns.

One particular point which was noticed everywhere, was that the Murtis of Bhagwan Jhulelal are normally kept in all Sindhi’s shops / offices or homes for preserving Sindhi identity. However wherever these Murtis were in short quantity, they  promised to keep the same in their premises in near future. The other point worth noting  was that leaving apart  Sindhi Schools, even Sindhi subject is not being taught (except Vadodara and Nadiad) in these towns/ cities which is  disheartening. Of course they mainly speak in Sindhi among themselves and at home with some Gujarati words on their tongue. (particularly in small towns & business people) & thus they have contributed to a great extent in preserving our rich culture & language , which is a  heartening point. However they are forgetting Arabian Script day by day & only 10% know this script  at present. They have cordial relations with local people and command good respect  among them particularly when they are mainly in business and in some cities they have a grip on main trades of the  city and they are mostly well off. The names and mobile nos. of attendees in these meetings were noted in each city. The further report of each city in a nut shell is as under:

GODHRA (Nov 8-9, 2011)

The total strength  in this town is quarter to two lakhs including 15000 Sindhis. The town has 2  Sindhi Panchayats namely, “Uttar Sindhi Panchayat” (President Shri. Gordhandas K. Tulsiani) and “ Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat” (President Shri. Kishorilal Bhayani). In addition there is one Central Panchayat namely “ Godhra Sindhi Samaj” whose  President is same Shri. Kishorilal Bhayani. These Panchayats do many social and cultural activities and celebrate annual festivals in co-operation with one an other.  They have one “Jhulelal Sindhi Dharamshalla” along with Temple near old bus stand. An other Dharamshalla with Jhulelal temple is situated at Civil Lines Panjrapol. In addition, they have two “Swami Shantiprakash Satsang Halls”, one of these is situated near  Yogeshwar Society at Bhuravav Road. They celebrate “Chetichand” with a big procession with “Jhankies” and joint “Priti Bhojan”. Moreover on other auspicious days like annual Guru Nanik Jayanti and monthly “Ganesh Choth” also they arrange such Joint Priti Bhojan.

          One important point which was noticed in this town is that they have strong bonds of Unity (particularly in Ladi Lohanas). They are prepared to sacrifice their life for one another, so much so that other communities do not dare to challenge them ( particularly after 2002 Godhra train riots). Shri. Haresh Dubey of Sindhi Council of India rightly puts it in his  book (Political rights  of Sindhis) “who says there is  no unity among Sindhis?” Our community should adopt this  virtue  of  these people. However it was seen that Ladi Lohanas  do not  have matrimonial connection with other sindhis  for which they  were  requested to mix up with all Sindhis  in matrimonial matters also. They were also advised to issue their panchayat circulars in Devanagiri Sindhi instead of Gujarati language in order to preserve our ancient and precious Sindhi language. 40 members were present in  the meeting at Swami Shantiprakash Hall at night on 08-11-2011 and 16 youngsters were present on the next  day in early morning  meeting on 09-11-2011 at the residence of President Shri. Gordhandas K. Tulsiani.

VADODARA (Nov 9, 2011)
This beautiful City is  called “Garden city  of Gujarat”. Its  population is 16 lakhs which includes nearly quarter to two lakh Sindhis. Hardly  20% of them Know Arabian Script. Nearly 60% of them speak in Sindhi among themselves and at home. The remaining  persons speak in Gujarati. Most of them stay in Sant Kanwar nagar. Here various Sindhi associations are doing various social and cultural activities in their own field such as 1) Sindh Sahit Sabha (Regd) (President Haresh Jethmalani)  2) Jai Jhulelal Sindhi Seva  Trust ( President Asumal Pahilwani)  3) Shri. Jhulelal Sahib Mandal ( President Gopaldas  Sohanda)  4) Baroda  Sindhi Central Panchayat (President- Hiro Lalwani )  5) All Gujarat Sindhi Association (President – Udharam Golani) , 6) Alkapuri Sindhi Association (President – Hargobind Lulla), 7) Baroda  North Sindhi Association (President Rup Hingorani ) , 8) Sant Kanwarram  Seva Mandal ( Secretary – Hargundas P. Tejwani) etc.

          There are many Sindhi Dharamshallas with temples particularly in Sant Kanwar Nagar. Such as Sant Satramdas, Sant Saroopdas , Sai Leela Shah Dharamshalla with temple Mira Krishin Mandir, Sai Dharam Darbar. In addition there is  famous Swami Teoonram Premprakash Ashram in the charge of Sant Shri. Ashok Prakash. Many melas of Sindhi saints are celebrated here. This Ashram has good  facility  of  logging and boarding for visiting Sindhi families. In addition, the city has  Karamchandani and Hingorani Sindhi Dharamshallas, Alkapuri Sindhi Hall in Alkapuri built by Alkapuri Sindhi Association , Sindhi Geeta Gyan Bhavan in India Bazar, Sukhi Kutir at R.V. Desai Road etc. Moreover there is one “Hari Shewa Girls  Vidyalaya (School) for Sindhi boys and girls in Sant Kanwar Nagar, with Sindhi medium of Instruction only from VIII to XII standard, (which indicates that Sindhi medium arrangement will end after  4 years !)

          They celebrate many annual festivals particularly Chetichand and Chaliha Sahib by taking joint food together. They view weekly Sindhi T.V. programmes on D.D. Girnar etc and are very  eagerly awaiting  the inauguration of 24 hours Sindhi T.V. channel. They have published a directory of Sindhi’s of  Vadodara. The City has many worth seeing tourist spots such as Sayaji Garden, Museum, Zoo, Laxmi Vilas  palace etc. and hence this city is rightly called as “Kala nagiri”. Here 22 members were present in the evening meeting , at the residence of Shri. Haresh Jethmalani on 09-11-2011 some of them namely S/Shri Udharam Golani, Purshottam Hemnani, Haresh Jethmalani , Murlidhar Bhojwani, Mohan Rohira, Smt. Bharati Kevalramani (Retrd. Principal) etc. gave their useful views in the interest of the Community.

ANAND (Nov 10, 2011)
The total capacity of this town is 3 lakhs which includes  600 Sindhis families ( 3500 persons) 75%  of them speak in Sindhi among themselves &  balance speak in Gujarti. Nearly 10 % of them (elders) know Sindhi Arabian Script. They have one Puj Anand Sindhi Panchayat whose president is Shri. Ashokkumar Ailani , Vice President Shri. Mahesh V. Paryani & Secretary is Shri. Lachhmandas Ukani. They do many Social activities together. They have 2 Sindhi Dharamshallas, namely Guru Nanik Sindhi Dharamshalla along with temple at Sant Kanwar Colony, Guru Nanik Society, behind C.P College, and Sindhu Bhavan, near Sukhod Talao, Jawahar colony. Both places are near to each other. Most of the Sindhis stay in these areas (including Jhulelal Society). Some of them stay in another Jawahar Colony near Tulsi cinema. They celebrate annual functions on a large scale. On Chetichand they take out big procession with Jhankis of Gods  in the town during day time and arrange joint  food in the evening  wherein prizes are given to merit candidates. They also arrange “Langar” (Bhandara) on Guru Nanik Jayanti during day time and arrange cultural programme during night time. I also got opportunity to attend this programme on this auspicious day ( 10-11-2011), at Guru Nanik Society. At least 1000 persons attended this programme each time i.e. during day and night and hence no separate official meeting  could take place with 23 official bearers and other members  of Sindhi Panchayat for want of time, but information was  exchanged and get together was made with them during course of these  programmes. There are many worth seeing temples in this town such as those of Swami Narayan, Sai Baba, Hanuman, Panchmurti, Gayatri & Sant Jalaram etc. temples. the Anand Amul Diary is also very famous throughout India.

NADIAD (Nov 11, 2011)
This town accommodates 2 lakh persons, wherein 1200 Sindhi families ( nearly 7000 persons) also stay. They  have powerful & reputed  “Nadiad Shahar Sindhi Samaj” whose president is Shri. Kumar Menghraj Tahiliani. He is  also Managing  Director of  a big co. named Asian Food Industries. Shri. Pessumal Keswani is Vice President and Shri. Murlidhar Artwani is their Secretary. They are doing many social and cultural activities. They have  3 Sindhi Dharamshallas along with temples namely Jhulelal Mandir, Sant Kanwar Ram Satsang Hall and Jhulelal Society & Mandir. All these have a good arrangement for  marriage purposes. 90% of them speak in Sindhi among themselves and at home. Nearly 10% of them know Sindhi Script Shri. Premchand  Lakhiani is Editor  of  “Sindhi Bhasha Weekly” in Sindhi (Arabian) script. There is  one Sindhi School here wherein  one Sindhi Subject is taught from  VIII to X Standard (which means this  subject will continue for 3 years only !).  They take out a big procession on the auspicious occasion of Chetichand ending in Bhandara (Jt. Food) They also celebrate Moon and Umasa every month. They arrange cultural programme on Sant Kanwar Ram’s Varsi & Guru Nanik Jayanti. Santram temple of this town is  very famous  in whole of Gujarat, wherein medical help is also given to needy persons. Mai Mata’s Temple is an other attraction. They arranged a meeting  on my request at Jhulelal Mandir ( 11-11-11) which broke all previous records in total attendance length of time  and No. of speakers. More than 150 persons attended which included not only  residents of this town but also neighbouring  areas of entire Kheda distt. Such as Mohamedabad ( 9 persons under Leadership of Babulal and Bhagwandas), Kapronj (Shri. Chetandas Mukhi), Kathlal ( Mukhi Kishinchand), Dacor (Mukhi Pitamberdas), Mahod, Umrath, Thasra etc. The entire Hall at 1st floor was full to capacity. A good no. of persons gave their inspiring views about betterment of Sindhi Community, which included Shri. Kumar Tahiliani, Dharamdas Tahiliani, Tarachand Motiani, Premchand Lakhiani, Kishorbhai , Mohan Rohira etc. The Sindhis of this town are united and help one an other Shri. Kumarbhai Tahiliani was elected as President of Sindhis of entire Kheda distt. in this meeting. Shri. Murlidhar Artwani–Secretary, had arranged everything nicely for this unforgettable meeting which ended with light repushments

BHARUCH (Nov 12, 2011)
In this town of  2 ½ lakh strength, nearly 2000 Sindhis (250 families) stay here. 60% of them speak in Sindhi in their community and the remaining speak in Gujarati language. Nearly 10% of them can read and write Sindhi Script. They had one Sindhi School till the year 2007 but now Sindhi language is taught during night hours twice a week with the efforts of NCPSL. They have 2 Panchayats namely, 1) Chhaproo Sindhi Panchayat (President Murlidhar M. Haryani, Secretary- Narain Bhojwani), 2) Industrial Sindhi Panchayat (Co-ordinators- Ramesh U. Thanwani &Naresh N. Thanwani ) Both Panchayats are doing Social activities in Co-ordination with each other. They arrange Priti Bhojan on annual festivals of  Chetichand, Chaliha Sahib, Guru Punam and on monthly Moon day. 60 members of these Panchayats meet together in every quarter of the year. They do not have any Sindhi Dharamshalla but they are very  anxious to get the same. They have 2 Jhulelal Temples- One at Nav Chowki in Obra Chakala Bazar and the other on the Bank of Pious Narbada river were in Chetichand day is celebrated on a larger scale with a  big procession which is also attended by many Sindhis of Mumbai , Ahmedabad etc. They have invited a Sindhi Brahman from outside of town and have arranged for his residential accommodation also for preserving Sindhi Sanskriti. They are United (particularly Chhaproos). They have do not have any matrimonial connection with other Sindhis. They were pressed to have such connection with all Sindhis particularly when most of them are born in India. 18 members were present in the meeting here at Sindhunagar Hall, Sindhunagar Society on 12-11-2011 which included 2 members i.e. Shri. Murlidhar Bhojwani and Shri. Hargundas Tejwani from Vadodra who inspired all members in the meeting by giving their useful views regarding betterment of Sindhi Community. Shri. Ramesh Thanwani suggested that Sindhis should get benefits of agriculture land from Govt. of India as many Sindhis  were Land lords and farmers in Sindh before  partition. Shri. Jawahar Varliani , Mohan Rohira and others also gave their views. Here Kabirwad, Chader Sahib Gurudwara, Jhulelal Temple, Swami Narayan temple, Nilkanth temple and Nareshwar Temple etc. (all on Narbada River) are worth seeing places.

SURAT (Nov 13, 2011)
The population of this  beautiful and large city is 45 lakhs which includes 1 lakh population of Sindhis Hardly 10% of them know Sindhi Script. Inspite of so many Sindhis, Unfortunately they do not have  any arrangement for teaching Sindhi (any Script) as one of the subjects- leave alone Sindhi school ! of course NCPSL has  arranged Sindhi classes in Ramnagar area, where many Sindhis are staying. There are various Sindhi Panchayats , Mandals, Ashrams and associations etc. here. The main Panchayat is “Puj Surat Sindhi Panchayat” whose President is Shri. Deepchand V. Goplani & Secretary is Shri. Pratapsingh Kamlani. They have total 39 working committee members (including office  bearers) who are divided in 7 wards of different  areas of the city. They have a strong constitution and 6 committees and they are doing wonderful social activities such as rewarding merit students in Quiz competition, rewarding and paying fees for merit and needy students upto 5 lakh rupees every year arranging annual functions in co-ordination with other organizations etc. They have also prepared a nice telephone directory of  all the Sindhi families of Surat. Their office is  Situated at Sindhu Bhavan, Timliyavad, Nanpura, Surat. The other Sindhi Associations include Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat , Surat Sindhi Punjabi Central Panchayat, Sindhi cloth Merchants Association Sindhu Seva Samiti, Ladi Lohana Yuvak Mandal, Lila Shah Seva Samiti and Mandal , Lok seva Mandal, Sant Kanwar Ram Seva Mandal etc. Moreover there are many  such Sindhi organizations, Temples, Dharamshallas etc. such as Swami Teoouram Asharam ,Daya Sagar Seva Mandal, Nij Dham Ahsram , Shri. Lal Sai Sindhi Seva Trust, Shri. Shiv Shankar  Seva Mandal, Sindhu Samaj Bhavan, Swami Lila Shah Bhavan etc. All these associations and Ashrams have their own good office bearers and workers and they are doing many praise worthy social , cultural and religious activities in their different fields. Some years back a new Prem Prakash Ashram is nicely built by Swami Brahmanand Shastri in City light area. Nearly 8000 Sindhis take Priti Bhojan (joint food) here on Chetichand day after having a big procession in the city. Like vise a big procession is also taken out from here in the month of Kartik and also on the occasion of Swami Teoouram Jayanti. The City has many  tourist attractions such as Sai Centre, Ocean Beach, Tapti river, Spiritual Ashram of Sant  Ahsram Bappu in Jahangirpura etc. Total 28 persons were present in the meeting at Sindhu Bhavan which was arranged by Puj Surat Sindhi Panchayat on 13-11-2011.

NAVSARI (Nov 14, 2011)

This town has 3 Lakh  people and 6000 Sindhis. They normally residing at Guru Nanak Nagar, Pritam Nagar, Sant Kanwar  Ram Sindhi Society and Shahar Area. They have 3 Sindhi Panchayats namely 1) Guru Nanak Sindhi Panchayat (President – Managhandas M. Kanjani, Vice Present – Premchand Lalwani, Secretary – Rameshbhai Hirani), 2) Sindhi Panchayat, Sant Kanwar Ram Sindhi society (Present – Ashokkumar K. Balwani , Secretary – Santoshkumar Lotani) This Panchayat has 22 families. 3) Sindhi Panchayat , Shahar (President- Dasbhai Budhrani, Secretary – Vijay Chotani Advocate). This Panchayat has 30 families. All these  3 Panchayats do many social & cultural activities in their own field and also celebrate annual Melas and other functions in co-ordination with each other. They were advised  to start a Central Sindhi Panchayat also. They celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti & Sant Vasan Shah Varsi by arranging  Priti Bhojan. They also celebrate Chetichand day and Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti by Priti Bhojan and procession in the Town. This town is famous  for temples. Such has Guru Nanak Hall and Mandir (in Sindhi Colony) , Sant Kanwar Ram Hall and Mandir, Lal Sai Mandir, Mataji’s Mandir, Gayatri Mandir, 2 Swami Narayan Mandirs , 3 Gurudwaras, Pribhdas Ashram etc. The Historical “Dandi is hardly at a distance of 16 Kms from here from where Mt. Gandhi had started Dandi March (Salt Satyagraha) in pre – partition days. The meeting was  held at the residence of President Shri. Manghandas M. Kanjani on 14-11-2011 where in 19 members of abovementioned 3 Panchayats were present.

VALSAD (Nov 15, 2011)
This town of  2 lakhs population has only 140 Sindhi  families. They have one recently started “Puj Sindhi Panachayat  Valsad” whose President is Shri. Kishore D. Mulchandani & Secreatry is Shri. Pradip V. Vazirani. They do not possess any Sindhi Dharamshalla but only one Jhulelal Temple at Kailash Road, wherein they arranged for meeting on 15-11-2011 on my  request , wherein 17 persons were present. They are very  anxious to do something good  for their  brethren. Shri. Hindwani suggested  in the meeting  that whatever social work is aimed at  & decided by the community , the same should be followed up vigorously till the same is completed. They arrange Priti Bhojan on annual functions such as Chetichand, Guru Nanak  Jayanti and Akhand Tij. They normally speak in Sindhi among themselves and at home. Hardly  few of them know Sindhi Script. They are shortly going to start Sindhi directory of the town as well as other social and cultural activities. The Sea beach from here is at the distance  of 4 Kms only wherein Swami Narayan Temple, Sai Baba Temple and Shantiniketan “Tithal” are attractive places.

    Thus, I have given report of my sojourns to over 100 towns / cities in these columns which are enumerated in my book “Fragrance of Sindhi Community”. I strongly aspire at my heart that our community  should be united and we should form a Co-ordinating body  of all Sindhi Associations  in India by making minimum Common programme on the lines of  NDA/ UPA and persuade  Govt of India to get our legitimate political and other rights  and ultimately  to get  a Sindh Pradesh in India , with or without land , for preserving our language, Culture and Sanskriti, as we are the maximum sufferers due to partition of  India wherein , unlike  Punjabies and Bengalis , we  did not  get any Land. As we Sindhis have successfully passed the examination of standing on our own legs economically and contributed tremendously  in all directions for the good of the country by our self efforts, I am sure that we  shall also successfully pass another examination of achieving our legitimate  rights with the Grace of God and through our preservance  and patience. In furtherance of these objects , I have prepared above mentioned book and again contacted  these 95 cities  and collected relevant names and addresses with Telephone Nos. of  Important Sindhis and office bearers of Sindhi Associationes ( as  corrected upto 01-10-2011) and put the same  on my website Moreover above 8 cities of Gujarat are also added to this  website, in order to ensure that all important Sindhis in all these cities / towns can be  connected with one and  other through the internet. The readers can visit the website and give their  valuable views.

I am thankful to the Editors for putting my reports and articles in their periodicals in the interest of the Community.

Mohan G. Rohira 
Mobile no: 9321448147

Tour Report of Sindhis staying in 20 cities of Saurashtra in February, 2018

(Mohan G Rohira Advocate Mob. 9321448147;

In continuation of my endeavours to bring Sindhi community together & to preserve our identity & rich culture by getting in touch with the office bearers of various important Sindhi organisations across 154 cities/towns in India & abroad so far, recently I got the golden opportunity to visit following further 20 cities/towns of Saurashtra (Gujarat) during later half month of February 2018.

One important gratifying & worth noting factor which was seen in these cities, was that Sindhis here mainly (say 90% to 100%) speak in Sindhi language only at home & among themselves, of course this percentage of speaking in Sindhi is lower to some extent in few big cities (i.e. Rajkot, Jamnagar, Dwarka, Okha, Surendranagar etc.).After settling financially, Sindhis here are getting awakened day by day to preserve their culture & language. If this trend continues, our ancestral & ancient language has no danger of getting extinguished. Though most of Sindhi schools have been closed to a great extent, however Sindhi language classes are run by some devoted social workers & by NCPSLin some cities. Sindhis of these cities are expert in celebrating annual festivals & they have been preserving our rich culture & Sanskriti. They are well versed in Gujarati language. They have become very successful in Main businessess of the cities due to their qualities of hard work, patience, perseverance & ability coupled with having mixing nature. They have become even owners of Hotels & Industries in some cities & thus on the whole they are financially well off with the grace of Sai Jhulelal. Some of them have become Doctors, advocates or occupied good jobs. They have good relations with local people & command good respect among them due to their humble & serving nature. However they have no interest in politics & hence politically, they are far behind, like Sindhis of other cities. They are more or less united & do so many social activities for the community by forming Panchayats & associations. They often meet together on happy & unhappy occasions. They normally keep the photos of Sai Jhulelal, Guru Nanik & Swami Lila shah at their homes/shops, which helps to identify them. They view Sindhi programs on Sindhi T.V. channel. They care very much for Sindhyat. They are also very hospitable. More over they have built many temples, Panchayat Halls & Dharamsallas wherein even local masses also are benefited. The name & Mob Nos. of all attendees in each city’s meetings were noted down & Sindhi & National literature was also distributed at every place. Remaining details of these cities/towns in a nut-shell are as under:


 This city has strength of 4 lakhs. Sindhis comprise of 120 families. They have one ‘Surendranagar Sindhi General Panchayat’ (President Gordhanbhai Lakhani, Ex President & Temples I/C Hasmukhbhai Katariya, secretary Dr. Chetan Pinrani). They have one Jhulelal Gurudwara Mandir. Sindhis of this city are owners of 4 big Hotels & factories. Most of other businessess are also controlled by them. They have prepared a directory of city’s Sindhis in order to get in touch with one an other particularly at the times of happy & unhappy occasions. They take out procession & ‘Prabhat Pheri’ respectively on the auspicious occasions of Chetichand & Guru Nanik Jayanti. They also take joint food & close their shops & factories on these occasions. They also celebrate other festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi etc. properly. The worth seeing places are Dada Bhagwan Mandir, Ganapati Mandir & Dam (4 km). The meeting of their Panchayat took place on 15-02-2018 in a big Sindhi Hotel from 11 to 1 pm, wherein 38 members were present. The meeting was followed by lunch.

2.     MORVI

The city’s population is 5 lakhs wherein 300 Sindhi families stay. They have 5 Sindhi Associations with President’s name in brackets)

1. Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat ( Lachhmandas Chhattaram Sukhdev).
2. Sindhi Hindu Panchayat (Jamnadas S. Golani).
3. Bhanushali Sindhi Samaj (Rambhai G Mange),
4. Sindhi General Panchayat (Rajubhai G.Ramani),
5) Sindhi Daryahlal Mandal Trust (Mohanlal U. Gwalani).

They have one ‘Sindhu Bhavan’ along with temple on railway station road from where they conduct all their social activities including ceremonies on happy & unhappy occasions. Here also Sindhis are owners of Hotels & factories along with other business. They take joint food & take out procession on the auspicious occasions of Guru Nanik Jayanti & Chaliha Sahib & close their shops for half a day. (They were persuaded to close their shops etc. for whole day in future).Each association have prepared Mobile Nos. list of their members so that they can contact their members by phone or W/A on the happy, unhappy & other social occasions. All associations do many social activities in their own field & also celebrate jointly all the auspicious annual festivals. The worth seeing places are Jaltapur hanging bridge, Trilokdham & Three Mandir (4 km). The meeting of all Sindhi associations took place in the aforesaid Sindhu Bhawan on the same date i.e. 15-02-2018 from 8 pm to 10 pm wherein 27 members were present.

3.     RAJKOT

This famous big city is Head quarter of Saurashtra region. The total population is 15 lakhs which includes 40,000 Sindhis . They have formed some 23 Sindhi associations out of which nearly 15 associations are active in doing their social work in their own field & also celebrate annual festivals in co-ordination with one an other. They have one General Panchayat namely Sindhi Samaj Rajkot (Representing all Panchayats) whose President & secretary respectively are S/ Shri Lilaram H. Poptani & Brijlal Sonwani. Other association representing whole Saurashtra region is Akhil Saurashtra Sindhi Panchayat Federation” having branches in all cities of this region whose president & General Secretary are also same aforesaid 2 persons. Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha has branch in this city whose President is Shri Shyamsunder N. Chandiramani.

          The city has 2  Sindhi schools having Sindhi (with Arabian Script)as one of the subjects. They are Sadhu Vaswani School & Swami Shanti Prakash Primary School. NCPSL also manages Sindhi classes in this city. Seven Sindhi Dharamshalas are built here for social & marriage purposes. The city has 10 Sindhi Temples & it is Head quarters of SadhuVaswani Centre whose secretary is Shri B.B Gogia. Smt. Vidya B. Gogia is president of Mahila Vikas Kendra wherein embroidery & tailoring classes are managed by her. The branches of sadhu Vaswani centre are established practically in all main cities of saurashtra region. Their President Shri Haresh Godhwani stays in Junagadh.

          They celebrate many annual festivals. They take out procession & close down their shops on the occasion of Chetichand. On the occasion of Guru Nanik Jayanti they take out ‘Prabhat Pheri’ in early Morning. They also take out procession on Chaliha Sahib’s last day. They take joint food on all these festivals. They have also formed “Sindhi Credit Society” wherein loan on reasonable interest is given to needy genuine Sindhis. This is a right step which I have never heard in my Sojourn of 174 cities so far. Here also some Sindhis are owners of Industries & one Hotel management college. Shri Dhanrajbhai Jethani is editor of “Aajkal” a Gujarati daily evening Newspaper wherein Sindhi News are also published. The worth-seeing places are Jaberi Garden (with Museum & a big library), Race Course Park, Kasturba Gandhi “Delo” (house). The meeting of Sindhi Samaj Rajkot took place on 16-02-2018 in the evening from 6 to 8 pm at Sant Prasad, Gaikwadi, near Rly station wherein 15 members were present.


In all six & half lakh is population of this city. Sindhis comprise of 25000 persons with 32 Sindhi Associations, the details of each association can not be described here. However some of them is mentioned as under (President is shown in brackets)

1) Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha &
2) Sukkur Sindhi Panchayat (Ghanshyamdas Gangwani, President for both).
3) Utar Riyasat Sindhi Panchayat (Nandlal Khetumal Makhija).
4) Lodi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat- Rajkumar Ramnani).
5) Sindhu Bhanushali Mahajan Sarovar ( Gyanchand Narsimal Bhadra).

However  Jamnagar Sindhi Samaj represents all Sindhi Panchayats whose President is Shri Udhavdas Bhugromal Chandiramani. He is also president of Dadu District. (Sindhu Jyot) Sindhi Panchayat. All associations do enormous social activities in their fields & with co-ordination with one an other & also celebrate annual festivals.

It will not be out of place to mention here the activities of Sindhu Seva Trust, which mainly deals in the field of Health, Education & culture in the community. Their office bearers are as under:

1. Health:  Shri N.N. Lalchandani – Patron (New York)
2. Hospital: Shri Dayal Harjani – Patron, Shri Vikyomal Shrof founder President. This is very famous hospital in the Globe.
3. Culture: Shri Ramesh Bhatia Patron (Dubai)
4. Education: Shri L.K. pagrani – Patron (Dubai)
5. L.V.S  Mahavidyalya (High School)

Shri Chandru Vikyomal Shroff – Patron (Dubai).

They have one P. N. Parwani Primary school with Sindhi ( Arabian Script) as one of the subjects. This trust also runs Swami Shanti Prakash Bal Mandir & Sant Asharam primary School. This year 45 Students took part in examination of Sindhi subject arranged by NCPSL under the banner of this trust, whose President is Shri Dhanraj M.Mangwani. He is also Vice President of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha Gujarat.

The City has 6 Sindhi Dharamshallas namely:

1. Sindhu Jyot Dadu distt Sindhi Dharamshalla. 2. Sukkur distt Panchayat S. Dharamshalla 3. Riyat Panchayat S. Dharamsala 4. Swami Lilashah. S. Dharamasala, 5 & 6. 2 Sindhi Bhanushali Panchayat Dharamshallas. They have 4 temples such as 1. Jhulelal Mandir (Jhulelal Chowk), 2 , Guru Nanik Mandir 3) Prem Prakash Mandir 4)Ambe Mata Mandir (All 3 in Nanikpuri). They also celebrate all annual festivals collectively. Nearly 2500 persons of the community take out processions & take joint food together & close their shops for half day on the auspicious occasions of Chetichand & Guru Nanik Jayanti. Jhulelal Sena & Daryahlal Group manage Chetichand program. Dasahera of Sindhis of this city is very famous in whole of Gujarat, wherein nearly one lakh masses (from city & out side) view the burning of effigies of Ravana etc. They also celebrate Hemu kalani Myrtors day, 10th April Sindhi Bhesha day, Maharaja Dahersen Jayanti etc. Here the worth seeing tourist places are Swami Narayan Mandir, Jain Mandir, Bal Hanuman & Sri Ram Mandir (wherein Ramnam Kirtan is continuously chanted throughout the day & night without any break), Lakhota lake, world famous Solorium Hospital, Shamshan Ghat etc. The city also has 4200 electronic, electric & brass industries. Nearly 15 such industries are owned by Sindhis. The meeting of Jamnagar Sindhi Samaj took place on 17-02-18 from 9 pm to 11 pm at Sukkur Panchayat Dharamshala Khambali Gate wherein 19 members were present.

5 & 6. OKHA & DWARKA

These two cities are at a distance of 20 kms from each other, which are collectively called as “ Okha Mandal”. Their total population is 6 lakhs which is fifty fifty in each city. Sindhis comprise of 70 families out of which 20 families stay in Dwarka, 15 families in Okha & the remaining 35 families stay in Mithapur area (Okha). They have formed Okha Mandal Sindhi Samaj representing both cities (President Shantilal Purushottamdas, V. President Mohandas Mulchand Tikmani & secretary Jagdish Hiranand Padwani). They have 2 Dharamshallas in Dwarka namely. 1. Shri Rajavir Vikramaditya Sindhi Dharamshala. 2) Jhulelal Sindhi Dharamshala. Shri Kamal D. Tolani is in charge of both Dharamshallas which include Temples also. They celebrate Chetichand, Guru Nanik Jayanti & Raja Vir Jayanti etc. in both cities. They take priti bhojan together & close shops for half a day on these occasions. They have formed “Okha Mandal Whatsapp Group” in their mobile phones so that they can contact one an other on happy & unhappy occasions. The main attraction of Dwarka City is “ Dwarkadheesh Tirath Dham” which is one of such 4 Dhams spread in all directions of India. There is also “Bet (Island) Dwarka” which is reachable by boat from Okha. The meeting of Okha Mandal Sindhi Samaj took place on 18-02-2018 from 6 to 8 pm at Mahavir society Mithapur (okha) (after Satsang) Wherein 32 members were present (the majority of attendees being ladies).


The city comprises of 2 lakh people wherein 200 Sindhi families stay. They have 3 Sindhi Associations namely 1.Sindhu Seva Trust (President Gangadhar Ahuja, secretary Nandlal Sirvani, Treasurur Kishinchand Dharedi). 2) Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat (President Balram J. Tana), 3) Sindhi Yuva Group (President Ravibhai Ashokbhai Nebhnani). All groups do many social activities in their own group & also celebrate annual festivals in co-ordination with one another. They take out procession, take food together & close down their shops for half a day on the happy occasions of Chetichand, Guru Nanik Jayanti & last day of Chaliha Sahib. They also celebrate Varsis of Sant Khanuram & Mata Sadhnibai. They have one Sindhu Bhavan & Temple near Baga Bappa Ashram from where they do all their social activities & also meet on happy & unhappy occasions. They have also other temples such as Guru Nanik Mandir (Near Sigmai School Chhaya Chowk), 2) Jhulelal Mandir, 3) Sant Khanuram Mandir.

          So many worth seeing tourist spots are located here, such as 1) Kirti Mandir (Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi), Ramakrishna Mission Ashram (Swami Vivekananda had stayed here for 4 months in his time), 3. Sandeepany Ashram at a distance of 7 km (Here Sri Krishna & Sudama had taken education from Guru Sandeepany).4) Sudhama Mandir, 5) Chopati (Long Sea beach) etc. The meeting of all associations took place in aforesaid Sindhu Bhavan on 19-02-18 at night from 10 pm to 12:00 midnight wherein 27 members were present (including Ladies).


 Only 17000 people stay in this village. It includes 120 Sindhi families. They have formed one “Sindhi Samaj Kutiyana”, whose President is Shri kanayalal M. Menghnani, Secretary Shri Jagdish Bhai B. Narwani & Vice President is Shri Girish Bhai S. Wadhwani. The Later is also in charge of Jai Jhulelal Mandir & its adjacent Mangatram big Hall. Both these premises are used by them on happy & unhappy occasions as well as for doing all social activities. They take out Prabhat Pheri on Guru Nanik Jayanti & procession on Chetichand day. They take food together & close down their shops for a half day on these occasions a well as on Chaliha Sahib. Being a small village, the facilities of education & doing business & livelihood are less & that is why many Sindhi families have been migrating from here from time to time (In the year 2002 as good as 3000 Sindhis used to stay here). The Sindhi are united here & often meet together on happy & unhappy occasions. The village accommodates 2 good gardens. On 20-02-2018. the meeting of Sindhi Samaj took place from 12 noon to 2 pm in Jhulelal Mandir wherein 16 members took part.


This village comprises of 19000 people only. The total no. of Sindhis here is nearly 2500. They have 4 main Panchayats (with President’s names in brackets) Such as 1. Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat  (Prakashbhai Mohanlal Lalwani), 2) Utradi Sindhi Panchayat (Chandulal D Ahuja). 3) Bhanushali Sindhi Panchayat (Gulabhai M. Lakhani), 4) Brahamkhatri Sindhi Panchayat (Ghanshyamdas H. Devnani. They have no General Panchayat. They perform many social activities in their own field. They work in co-ordination with one an other particularly in celebrating annual festivals. On Chetichand day & Guru Nanik Jayanti they take out procession, arrange Joint Priti Bhojan & close down their shops. On Chaliha Sahib’s occasion they arrange ‘Langar’ (Joint food). They also manage ‘Samuhik’ marriages i.e. simultaneous marriages at a time). They have found W/A group in their mobile in order to contact one another on happy, unhappy & other social functions. They own 4 Dharamshalas such as Ladi Lohana sindhi Dharamshala, Swami Teoonram hall (Uttar Sindhi Panchayat), Jhulelal Sindhi Dharamshala & swami Lila Shah Sindhi Dharamshala. They have many Mandirs also, such as Swami Lilashah Ashram, Sindhi Gurudwara, 2 Jhulelal Mandirs, 2 Sant Garibdas Darbar & Mandir, Dukh Bhanjan Darbar, Ambe Mata Mandir, Hinglaj Mata Mandir, Rama Pir Mandir, Mahakali Mandir etc. The worth seeing place is a Dam (2 km).The meeting of all Panchayats took place in Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat Hall on same date i.e. 20-02-2018 from 9:00 to 11:30 pm wherein 22 members were present. Shri Kishin Bhai Tanna, President of Manavaodar Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat had come to attend this meeting all the way from Manavaodar which is at a distance of 10 kms from here.


The population of this tinny town is 50,000. Only 80 Sindhis families stay here. They have one main Sindhi Samaj (Estt. 1977). (President Ashok bhai H. Achhra, vice president Rajubhai Jivnani, secretary Kishorebhai Hemmani). 2nd Association is Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat. (President Kishinbhai Tanna), 3rd Association is Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha (President Ashokbhai L. Jivnani). All associations are engaged in social activities in their own field & celebrate annual festivals in co-ordination with one an other. They take out procession, take food together & close down their shops on the noble occasions of Chetichand, Guru Nanik Jayanti, Chaliha Sahib, Sant Kanwarram’s varsi etc. Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha arranges help to needy persons & do matrimonial work. They have 2 Mandirs i.e. Jhulelal Mandir & Sindhi Gurudwara (I/C aforesaid Kishin bhai Tanna). They also have one Sindhi Samaj Dharamshala. The famous Mandir are Swami Narayan Mandir, Trambakeshwar Mahadev Mandir & Gayatri Mandir. Unfortunately I did not get chance to visit this town for want of time. However aforesaid Kishin bhai Tanna (Who had attended my meeting in Bantwa had briefed me with aforesaid information. Some information was also collected from above officials by phone.


This tiny village has total population of only 14000, wherein 1000 Sindhis. stay. They have 3 associations (President’s names in brackets) namely

1.Sukkur Sindhi Panchayat (Nandal Bakhtyapuri).
2.Riyasat Lad Sindhi Panchayat (Jethanand Babubhai S Punjabi).
3. Bharitiya Sindhu Sabha (Bhajanlal R. Khemani) He is also Secretary of Akhil Saurashtra Sindhi Panchayat Federation).

All associations do much social work in their own fields as well as work in co-ordination with one an other particularly in celebrating annual festivals. Such as chetichand, Guru Nanik Jayanti, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti etc., wherein they take out procession, eat together & close down their shops. They also celebrate 14 Varsis of Sindhi Saints, They are united. Bharatiya Sindhu sabha has organised Sindhi Bachat Mandal ( Sindhi Credit Society) with 100 members, wherein they give loan to needy members by taking one surety. This unique system I have not heard so far (except as stated by me in Rajkot report in foregoing paras).

          Here Sindhis have 2 Dharamshallas namely 1). Sindhu Bhavan (managed by Riyasat Lad Sindhi Panchayat) at Jhulelal Chowk & 2) Sri Guru Arjandev Masand Sahib Dharamshala & Mandir (Sukkar Bhavan) on Sri Guru Arjandev Masand Road, Main Bazar. More over they have 6 Mandirs namely, 1. Sant Jadaram & Sant Tahilyaram Mandir. 2) Sai Jadyaram Mohanwala Mandir, 3) Sai Takhatram Mandir. 4) Bhai Mangharam ‘Tikano’ (Mandir), 5. Sai Satramdas Mandir (Sukhdham), 6) Guru Arjandev Masand Sahib Satsang Hall. They are also going to start Sindhi teaching classes shortly through NCPSL.

          This small village has got a big history. Its original name was Sorath (Vanthli). As per literary work of Sindhian Poet Shah Abdul Latif, Raja Rai Diach & wife Sorath used to stay here. After hearing Bijal’s melodious ‘Sorath’ song with rhemic & rythem created by playing on his Tanpura, the King Raidiach was so moved that he beheaded himself as an offering to Bijal as a gratitude to him (Bijal).

Mathe ute Muhinje Je Hujani Sira bazar, Ta tuhinje tand tanwar hara hara Vadhiyan hekro” (Shah Sahib)
(“If I had 1000 heads, I would have cut them in sync with your each mellodeous rythem”).

All this record of Shah Sahib’s creation is available in Jama Masjid here. Suraj Kund is also located here wherein Raja Bali of Satyuga era had performed yagna wherein God himself had come to him in the form of “Vamana Avatar”. Bhanavav (well) Ram Mandir is also here. In side well is Melri Mata’s Mandir from where 2 secrete tunnels are built for going to Dwarka & Girnar (Jhunagadh). These both tunnels are closed now. In the year 2002 nearly 2500 Sindhis used to stay in this village. However due to lack of proper business avenues many have migrated from here from time to time & they are migrating even now. The meeting of all Sindhis took place here in above mentioned Sindhu Bhavan from 4to 6 pm on 21-02-2018 wherein 28 members were present.


One lakh twenty thousand is the total strength of this town, one percent of them are Sindhis (i.e. 1200) They have formed 3 associations (their president’s names are mentioned in brackets).

1. Lad Lohana Sindhi Panchayat (Mahendrabhai Kevrani)
2. Upper Lohana Sindhi Panchayt (Jentibhai A Ahara).
3. Sindhi Jhulelal Seva Samiti (Nimatbhai P Lalwani)

The last association no.3 is formed by taking 10-10 representatives each from association Nos. 1 & 2 above. Hence 3rd Association can be termed as a sort of common General Sindhi Panchayat in the town. All 3 associations are doing lot of social work in their own field & celebrate annual festivals on a large scale in co-operation with one an other. They are so united that their office bearers are more or less common. For example President of No.2 association is Vice President of No:3 association likewise President of No.3 Association is Vice President of No. 1 association. On Chetichand day they take joint food together, take out procession from town & go to Mangrol Daryahlal (30 km) for immersion of the idol & close down their shops for the whole day. Those who even open the lock of their shop on this pious day have to pay the fine of Rs. 1100/- to the association : On the occasion of Guru Nanik Jayanti they arrange ‘Langar’, do Prabhat Pheri for 15 days, & close shops for half a day on Jayanti day. On the last day of Chaliha Sahib they arrange ‘Langar’ & nearly 100 Sindhis go to Somnath Mandir (Triveni Sangam) in Veraval (at distance of 45 kms) for immersing the Idol.

They have 3 Dharamshallas namely 1. Lad Lohana Sindhi Dharamshalla & Mandir ( Madhuvan Nagar, Ambavadi), 2.Sindhi Dharamshalla with Jhulelal & Guru Nanik Mandir (Dave Sheri). 3) Sant Kanwaram Sindhi Dhramshalla & Mandir Thale Sahib (Prajapati Society, Airport Road). They have prepared mobile directory for contacting one an other on happy & unhappy occasions. One Akshaynath Mandir (4 km) is a good attraction for tourists. The meeting with Sindhi community fixed for 21-02-2018 was cancelled due to Satsang of Sant Dr. Santoshkumar of Amravati at same time, wherein I got the golden opportunity to speak for the noble cause of Sindhi community with Sant’s blessings. The above information was also collected from above mentioned office bearers who were present in Satsang. This Satsang took place from 6 pm to 12 mid night wherein over 500 ladies, gents & children took part. The Prasad was served at the end.


This ancient & pious city of Somanth Mandir has population of two & a half lakh. Sindhis comprise of 1100 families. They have 6 associations (Presidents names in brackets) namely,

1) Sri Uttar Sindhi Panchayat ( Rameshbhai S Ahuja),
2) Ladilohana Sindhi Panchayat (Mohanbhai Daxna).
3) Saraswat Sindhi Braham Samaj (Vinod kumar M. Sharma).
4) Kachhi Bhanushali Sindhi Panchyat (Rajubhai Manghani).
5) Sindhi Bhaibandh Panchayat ( Durgadas T. Bhagwani).
6) General Sindhi Panchayat (President aforesaid Mohanbhai Daxna & secretary aforesaid Durgadas T. Bhagwane)

          All Panchayats do a lot of social activities in their own field & with co-ordination with one another & also celebrate annual functions together. They are so united that some of their office bearers are common as could be seen from above office bearers’ list. On the auspicious occasions of Chetichand & Guru Nanik Jayanti they take out procession, take joint food together & close down their shops. They also celebrate Swami Lilashah Jayanti & Varsi, Baba Lahanaram Jayanti & varsi, Mataji Jagaran, Par Braham Mela, Kabil Bhagat’s Mela etc. Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat (800 families) & Ultar Sindh Panchayat (250 families) have published Sindhi directories of their members. 

          They have 3 Dharamshallas, namely 1) Bajrangwadi Sindhi Dharamshalla (Opp: Aditya Birla School), 2) Swami Shantiprakash Hall & Mandir (of Uttar Sindh Panchayat), 3) Lilashah Hall & Mandir (of Lodi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat) at Vanand society, 80 feet Road. They have other mandirs also such as Jhulelal Mandir, Sindhi Gurudwara, 2 Guru Mandirs etc. So many religious & tourist spots are located here. The visit of this city is incomplete without seeing famous & pious Somnath Jyotirling Mandir. Other famous places here are Balka Tirth (Bhil’s arrow shooting in Sri Krishna’s feet), Dehutarg, Triveni Sangam etc. On 22-02-2018. I got the chance of speaking on Sindhyat in Ladies Satsang (more than 50 in numbers) in Swami Shanti Prakash Hall in the evening. After that meeting of all Sindhi Panchayats took place in the same premises from 9:30 to 11:30 pm, wherein 18 members were present.


Nearly one a half lakh people stay in this small town. The No. Of Sindhi families staying here is 110 only (Which includes 70 Utradi families & 40 Ladi families). They have 3 associations namely 1) Pujya Ladi Lohana Sindhi Samaj Trust (President Gurubhai V. Wadhwani & secretary lalchand C. Ramchandani). 2) Ultar Sindh Panchayat (President Chhataram R. Jivnani & secretary Bikhubhai Bijlani), 3) Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha (President Kapil Manwani, Pratinidhi Vasudev Godhwani). All associations do many social activities in their respective fields & in co-ordination with one another & also celebrate annual festivals together. They take out procession & close their shops on Chetichand & Guru Nanik Jayanti. They also celebrate chaliha Sahib. They take food together on the occasions of these festivals. They have no Sindhi Dharamshallas here. However they have 3 Mandir’s such as Guru Nanik & Jhulelal Mandir, Saint Sukhramdas Mandir & Hari Shewa Mandir. They meet together on happy & unhappy occasions for that purpose they have prepared small directory containing their Mobile Phone Nos. Ambuja Mandir, Dwarka Dheesh Mandir & Sainath Mandir are quite famous for visiting. The meeting of all associations took place on 23-02-2018 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm at Guru Nanik Mandir wherein 22 members participated.

15) UNNA

Total 1 lac people live in this town. It includes 3000 Sindhis. They have formed 5 Sindhi Associations along with a Samarth Sindhi Samaj (A General Sindhi Panchayat representing all Sindhi associations) as shown here under.
Their presents names are shown in brackets):-

1. Lodi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat (Udharam T. Jethwani)
2.Braham Khatri Sindhi Panchayat (Dhirubhai T. Dagia)
3.Ultar Sindhi Panchayat (Jitendra Aswani)
4. Bhaiband Sindhi Panchayat (Rajubhai Aswani)
5. Bhanushali Sindhi Samaj (Jai Prakash Lalwani)
6. Samarth Sindhi Samaj (president is Ishwarlal U. Jethwani. he is also vice president of akhil bharat ladi lohana sindhi panchayats).

They are going to start the branch of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha shortly. All associations do a lot of social work in their own field & celebrate annual functions in co-ordination with one an other. A great personality – Shri M.V. Bhimani stays in this town. He is the only litrary man of high calibre in the whole Jhunagadh Distt. He is a writer, artist, translator & Sangeet Vishared. He has published 10 books on behalf of Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy. An other VIP person here is Shri Bagubhai Raichandor. He is owner of Madhwan Guest House (Tower Chowk). He is also a devoted Cow Bhakta & he gets sick Cows operated through Doctors.

Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat officials have arranged ‘Somnath Baug’ (Wadi) along with a temple, near Blood bank for their meetings on happy & unhappy occasions as well as for marriages etc. More over Sindhis of this town have 2 Guru Nanik Mandirs (one in Sindhi Society & the other in Khojakhana) & one Sai Sukhramdas Mandir. They also celebrate many annual festivals such as Guru Nanik Jayanti, Swami Lilashah Jayanti, Chetichand & Chaliha Sahib. They take out procession, eat together & close down their shops & offices on these pious occasions. They also celebrate Janmashtami & arrange ‘Samuhik’ (mass) marriages. The worth seeing tourist places are a little far away from the town such as Dieu (a Union territory 14 km), Tulsi Shyam hot water springs (30 km), Druneshwar Mahadev Mandir (24 km). One of the Trustees of this Mandir is Shri Kishorebhai a Sindhi Gentleman. The meeting of all associations took place in above mentioned Somnath Baug from 6 to 8 pm on same day i.e. 22-02-2018, wherein 21 members were present.


This historical & ancient city has the strength of 6 lakhs. It includes 20,000 Sindhis. They have formed many associations as shown here under:-

1. Akhil Bharat Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat (President kalubhai A. Sukhwani. He is also owner of ‘Indra Lok’ - a hotel of high calibre). The City President of Ladi Lohan Sindhi Panchayat is Shri Bhawanbhai Nihalani.
2. Shri Ambica Nagar General Sindhi Panchayat (President Rajubhai Nandwani)
3. Bhanushali Sindhi Panchayat (President Mukeshbhai Mathiya)
4. Sindhi General Panchayat (President M N lalwani, Advocate)
5. Shri Jhulelal Seva Trust (President Hareshkumar U. Morandani)
6. Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha (President) of saurashtra & Editor of Kesari a Gujarati Newspaper, Sunil Nandwani) (City President & BJP Municipal corporator Kishorebhai Ajwani).

          All these associations work in their own field & celebrate annual functions in Co-Ordination with one an other. On pious occasion of Chetichand, they take out ‘Shobha yatra’with ‘Baherana Sahib’ & ‘Jhankis’, arrange Priti Bhojan (Joint Food) & close down their shops. On Guru Nanik Jayanti they arrange ‘Prabhat Pheri’ (Procession at Dawn) & ‘Langar’ (joint food). They also celebrate Swami Lilashah Jayanti & Punya tithi; Bhagat Vasuram’s Punya tithi’ etc. Nearly 15 Doctors & 30 advocates of Sindhi community stay in this city. There is no Sindhi School here but Sindhi language teaching classes are running here on behalf of NCPSL. The Sindhis of this city have also prepared a Sindhi directory.

          They have built many Sindhi Dharamshallas (wadis) here. For example 1) Swami Lila Shah Bhavan (Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat) 2) Ambica Nagar Wadi (Sri Ambica Nagar General Sindhi Panchayat), 3) Bhanushali Samaj wadi, 4) Swami Lila Shah Wadi 5) Jhulelal Wadi (Shri Jhulelal Seva Trust at Girnar Road) etc. They have many Mandirs such as Sukhramdas Saheb Mandir, 2 Sindhi Gurudwaras , 4 Sindhi Tikanas (Mandirs), Sadhu Vaswani centre (whose Akhil Saurashtra President Shri Hareshbhai Godhwani is staying here). Many tourist attractions are located here. Such as Girnar mountain, Shankar Bhagwan’s Mandir (Bhavnath Tareti), Upper Fort, Damodar Kund & Mandir, Wellingdon dam, Moti Baug Agriculture University, Gir Forest Sanctuary (100 km) etc. The writer got the opportunity to speak on Sinidhyat in Satsang of Sadhu Vaswani at their centre between 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm on the night of 24-02-2018. After taking prasad by all, the meeting of representatives of all parties took place from 11:30 pm to 12 midnight at the same place wherein 7 members were present.


This town has population of 85000 which includes 210 Sindhi families. The Sindhi Associations are as under:

1. Pujya Shri Khairpur Riyasat Sindhi Panchayat (Total 60 families President Dilipbhai T. Hotwani, Vice President – Pribhdas S Raheja).
2.Ultar Sindhi Panchayat (Total 70 families President Sardar Gurchnan Singh Mohandra Singh Vice President – Above named Dilipbhai T. Hotwani).
3.Pujya Shri Lodi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat (Total 80 families – President Bhagwandas M. Kalwani).
4. Samarth Sindhi Samaj which represents all above 3 Panchayats (President is aforesaid Dilipbhai T. Hotwani & vice President Sunilbhai H. Sambhwani).

Thus it will be seen that all the four associations are co-related & some office bearers are common in them. For example, Shri Dilipbhai T. Hotwani is shown as office bearer of above 3 Panchayats. All the associations do a lot of social work in their own field with co-ordination with one an other & also celebrate annual festivals. They take out procession & close down their shops on the occasions of Chetichand, Guru Nanik Jayanti & Chaliha Sahib (last day). They eat together on above 3 & all other festivals.

Many Sindhi Dharamshallas & temples are located here. Such as Akash hall & Mandir (Khairpur Riyasat Sindhi Panchayat), Kimatmal Hall & Mandir (Ultar Sindhi Panchayat), Sindhi Dharamshalla & Swami Lilashah Darbar (Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat), 3 Guru Nanik Mandirs (at Vaghesia Choraha, Vaishav Vadi & Jamnawad Road Sindhi society), Baba Sukhramdas Saheb Sukhsagar Mandir etc. Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat officials have prepared Sindhi Directory for their Ladi members. The remaining Panchayats have prepared mobile phone directories of their members. Here, the famous temples are Swami Narain Mandir & Jalaram Mandir. The meeting of all associations took place on 27-02-2018 from 6 to 8 pm at Kimatmal hall, Jammavad Road wherein 82 members were present which is the best record among all 20 cities/towns of my Saurashtra tour. Dinner was served to all therein at night after the meeting.


This town has capacity of 2 lakh population wherein 800 Sindhi families (5000 members) stay. They have many Sindhi associations (Presidents names in brackets) such as:

1. Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat (Maheshbhai Vasani)
2. Ultar Sindhi Panchayat (Jagdishbhai Chawla)
3. Jacamabad Sindhi Panchayat (Gulubhai Rajani)
4. Brahamkhatri Sindhi Panchayat (Jiwatram Keedi)
5. Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha (Ashokbhai Wadhwa)
6. General Sindhi Panchayat (Mohanlal N Ramnani)

All associations work in their co-ordination with one another & celebrate annual functions together. They take out procession & close down their shops on the auspicious occasions of Chetichand, Guru  Nanik Jayanti & Chaliha Sahib (last day). They also celebrate Swami Lilashah Jayanti & Varsi, Sant Kanwar Ram Varsi etc. They take “Priti Bhojan” on all such pious occasions. Thus they have been preserving our ancient culture & Sanskriti.

They manage Sindhi teaching classes in both scripts on behalf of NCPSL some Panchayats (Ladis, Braham Khatris & Bhanushalis) have prepared Sindhi Directories for their members. A great personality, Shri Kishinchand Mulchandani stays here. He is a good speaker & also connected with Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy, UNICEF & NCPSL. He is retired teacher. They have Ladi Lohana Sindhi Panchayat Dharamshalla & Brahamkhatri Sindhi Dharamshalla, Jhulelal Mandir, Sukhdham Mandir & Thelsi Sindhi Mandirs. The other famous Mandirs in the city are Sai Baba Mandir, ancient Ganesh Bhagwan’s Mandir, Sai Kanwar Ram Devni etc. The meeting of all associations took place on 26-02-2018 from 5 pm to 7 pm at Jhulelal Mandir, Nana Chowk wherein 25 members were present.


This village is at a distance of 18 km both sides from Jetpur & Gondal. Only 20,000 people stay here. Sindhis occupy 10 families. They have cutlery & Novelty shops in the  main Bazar outside “ Jalaram Bappu’s famous Mandir”,for which this village stands. People from very far distances come here to have ‘Darshan’ of this pious Mandir. Really one gets inner peace of mind by visiting pious Mandirs like this Mandir. Jalaram Dharamshalla & Vradha Ashram is built here for Yatris. Bhandara (food) is always served in this Mandir throughout day & night (24x7). Here Sindhis are united. They preserve their language like other cities of Saurashtra. They have no association being small in Number. They go to neighbouring cities of Jetpur & Gondal for celebrating annual festivals like Chetichand, Guru Nanik jayanti, Chalila Sahib etc. The other famous Mandir are Gayatri Mandir, Mankeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Jalaram Bappu Samadhi, Swami Narain Mandir etc. The meeting with Sindhis could not take place here on 27-2-2018 due to short of time & working time of shops. However the above information was collected from Shri Rajesh Kundlani (Rajesh Novelty Store) & others.

20) Gondal

This city accommodates 2½ lakh people. It also has 160 Sindhi families (750 members). They have formed one General Sindhi Panchayat whose president is Shri Chandulal T. Khanna & secretary is Shri Mohanlal D Sonaiya.

They do many social activities & celebrate annual festivals. They take out procession & close down their shops for later half day on Chetichand, Guru Nanik Jayanti & Chaliha Sahib (last day). They also celebrate Guru Gobindsingh Jayanti & other festivals. They take food together on all such pious occasions. They have also prepared Sindhi directory of the city. They own one Sindhu Bhavan with Mandir at Mahadev Wadi. Akshar Dham Mandir, Bhuvaneshwari Mandir & Rajmahal (museum) are worth tourist attraction. The office bearers cancelled meeting fixed for 28-02-2018 at last moment due to unforeseen  circumstances. However Shri Sureshbhai (son of secretary) had meeting with me for an hour at Gondal Railway station waiting room on 28-02-2018. He gave above information & collected Sindhi literature. Some information was also collected from them on telephone.      

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