Friday, 11 July 2014


In order to promote Sindhi culture, sanskriti and language, and to bring about more unity in the Sindhi community, and also to get legitimate political and other rights from the Central government, I have been travelling frequently to over 120 cities/towns, many more than once, over the last 28 years (from 1987 onwards) and meeting important office-bearers of Sindhi panchayats in each place, and continue to visit further cities/towns. With this object in mind, I have created an up-to-date directory (with telephone numbers, e-mail addresses etc.) of important Sindhi personalities in these cities/towns, updated till 1st March, 2015. There are also individuals/organizations abroad who have expressed an interest in being listed in this directory as participating in the promotion of Sindhiyat.  These are also being included.

Also included are reports on Sindhi organizations  and their activities etc. in all of these cities. For further details in this connection, please refer to my article “Close encounters with my Sindhi Brethren” in the “About This Blog” page ( Please also read the articles “Sindh in Hind” ( and “Survival of Sindhi Community in Danger” ( found elsewhere in this publication, and give me your valuable feedback.

The entire material is available in book form in three versions, English (Fragrance of Sindhi Community), Sindhi (Devanagari) (सिन्धी समाज जी झलक) and Sindhi (Arabic) with the same name, as well as in blog form in English at

Please inform me of changes, corrections, additions, deletions etc. if any to your listing so that I can update the list. Please also inform me of your e-mail address and website (if any), so that I can incorporate these in the directory.  

This will ensure that all important Sindhis in all cities can be connected with each other through the Internet in due course. It will also help them in matrimonial, business and other areas.  I hereby authorize all readers of this blog to make use of the material in this blog in the interests of the Sindhi community.

Technical assistance in this respect has been provided by Shri Anil G. Gidwani (9820604121) which I appreciate and commend very highly. Without his help, I would not have been able to reach out to all of you and connect all Sindhis using the Internet.

Mohan G. Rohira (retd. advocate)

148/301, Uphaar, 10th Road, Khar (W), Mumbai-400052
022-26497670 / 9321448147

Instructions for use:

(i)           Names and addresses have been organized alphabetically by state and by city in the Directory Section.  These contain the most up-to-date information for the organizations etc. in each city/town.

(ii)          Reports have been alphabetically organized by state and city, with dates in brackets against each city/town in which meetings were held. In case of any discrepancies regarding the office bearers mentioned in the reports, please refer to the Directory section for the latest details.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Narendra Modi on Sindhi culture and language - Ahmedabad, 2012

Please see Shri Narendra Modi asking Sindhis to preserve their heritage and culture, including the Sindhi language