Monday, 21 May 2012


(May 2012)
Published in (1) “Hindu” (Sindhi), July-11-2012, (2) “Hindvasi” (Sindhi) weekly, Sept-2-2012 (3) “Akhand Sindhu Sansar” (Dev), Aug-2012

          Chandigarh (May 21, 2012):

This beautiful and gigantic and planned city on Modern Lines is a  Union Territory with the same name. It is also capital of Punjab and Haryana states. The total strength is 12 lakhs including 40 Sindhi families  who stay here as well as in its suburbs (within 10 Kms.) of Mohali (Punjab Border) and Panchkula(Haryana Border). They normally (75%) speak in Sindhi among themselves and at home and the remaining  (particularly youngsters) Speak in Punjabi. This is the first city  amongst over 100 cities, which I have visited so far in India wherein most of Sindhis are engaged in service and not in business. They have  formed a “Sindhi Welfare Association” whose President is Shri. Awatram Kalra and Secretary is Shri. Rajkumar P. Asnani. They Celebrate annual Chetichand festival wherein they prostrate ‘Jhoolelal Sai’ and arrange ‘Priti Bhojan for all of them. Nearly 50% of them keep Murtis of Jhoolelal Sai in their offices/ homes. In the meeting  they were requested to keep such murtis in every Sindhis  home / office, to view Sindhi programmes on T.V./ Radio and to speak in Sindhi only  by all of them in order to keep our language , Sanskriti &Culture alive. They have prepared a Sindhi Directory of Chandigarh City & its suburbs . However they have not yet built any Sindhi Dharamshalla or temple so far though they are longing for the same.

          There are so many worth seeing tourist places here, such as ‘War Memorial’ wherein names of myrtors (along  with their  main details) are given, who died fighting during the China war of 1962 and all Pakistan wars. Ancient beautiful Pinjora Garden at a  distance of 25 Kms on Kalka Road  resembles Vrindavan Garden of Mysore to a certain extent. Rose Garden with musical fountain is another attraction. Last but not the least world acclaimed Rock Garden built by “Padam Shri” Shri Nekchand (a road inspector in the Engineering deptt. of  Chandigarh) cannot be missed by any visitor. He picked  up pieces of Industrial and Urban waste (such as broken bangles etc.) and established them with his creative genius resembling human, animal and abstract forms. Moreover Sukhna Lake , Leisure  Valley, Museums and art galleries are further attraction here.